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Some of the Leading Schools Blake has Presented to...

Inspiration - Ranked Keynote Speaker

Since 2012 Blake has made an impact on the lives of thousands of people through sharing his story of perseverance and equipping the audience with motivation and tools to overcome their challenges. His message of Breaking Chains is universal and has been featured in different environments, including K-12 classrooms, universities, workshops for educators, corporate sales and management meetings, as well as faith-based communities.

A Personal Message for You…

Hi Friend… planning a successful conference or meeting is a huge job and responsibility.

I want to make your job easier while making you look GREAT and leave the audience THANKING YOU for inviting me to speak to them!

Your audience will be instantly engaged, and they will leave inspired, motivated and empowered to “Break Their Chains and Achieve Success!”

As an individual with a physical disability, I have faced and conquered unique challenges in my personal and professional life. Although my challenges look different than other people, I have found that the lessons I’ve learned are beneficial and can be applied to all challenges.

One of the main questions that organizers ask me is “how do audiences respond to your speech impediment?”

Yes, it can be difficult to understand my speech at times. However, the feedback from the audience members has been outstanding. They tell me that although it was hard for them to understand me at first, it forced them to be present and attentive, which helped them understand the rest of my talk. This lesson in attentiveness is an added benefit and is one that they will THANK YOU for. Also, to compensate for my challenges, I provide the audience with an outline of my key points and important quotes.

Thank you for your consideration! I look forward to working together to help you create your BEST event EVER!

– Blake


Blake embodies someone who is up for anything, and this showed in his presentation to my class. This presentation changed perspectives for many students, and I believe Blake will continue to change the lives of the many people he comes in contact with.

Bailey NewellUndergraduate Student ('17), Warner Pacific College

Blake is by far one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. He uses his disability to show others that anyone can overcome anything - as long as they work hard and have a good attitude about it.

Madison AdrianUndergraduate Student ('18), Western Oregon University