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Breaking Chains


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In my life, I have overcome many obstacles and broken just as many chains, this book helps to put you on the path to overcoming whatever life throws at you. Blake takes a complicated concept and makes it accessible and less daunting.

Josh Bluecomedian and winner of NBC's Last Comic Standing

The disability community uses the phrase 'Nothing about us without us' to say that in order to understand disability, you need to see and hear the experience through the life of a person with a disability. Blake's book will teach you about living fully and proudly with cerebral palsy. But Blake's writing is truly universal. His book teaches us about persistence, innovation, overcoming adversity and what it looks like to pursue your wildest dreams.

Dan Habibcreator of the film Including Samuel, about his son Samuel, who also experiences cerebral palsy.

Breaking Chains is an amazingly written book about reaching your fullest potential. Many of us are like oak trees in a flower pot and we are root bound by our own inhibitions. However, Blake has laid out a framework on how to overcome life's trials and tribulations to be the best you can be. This book is relevant to everyone!

Ed Allenpresident, WCP Solutions

Blake embodies the 'Why Not, I know I can' practice of looking at life's hurdles and opportunity, as he has overcome so many. Blake will enlighten your soul and fill your toolbox as he guides you along the road to escaping your bondage, whatever it may be. Blake is indeed an 'Angel on earth'; reach out and be amazed! connect and rejoice!

Allan Wichauthor of The Change 6 and founder of The Heart God Gave Me Program

Blake reveals the true essence of the human spirit and provides inspiration to anyone looking to go beyond mediocrity and find their voice and passion. Breaking Chains will certainly motivate you to live the life worth living!

Christopher Cumbyauthor of The Success Playbook

Breaking Chains

The 6 Links of Turning Bondage into Tools of Freedom

Have you ever felt trapped by a challenge or by circumstances beyond your control? Living with Cerebral Palsy, Blake Shelley has experienced this time and again. There have been times when he has felt bound by his disability. However, what sets Blake apart from others is that he does not take no for an answer. Over the course of his twenty-seven-year journey he has discovered a system of turning bondage into tools of freedom. In this book, he shares his 6 Links of Turning Bondage into Tools of Freedom and invites you on a journey through his life. Blake hopes that sharing his experience and the lessons he’s learned will empower you to rise above your challenges and find freedom and success.

99 Motivational Quotes to Break Your Chains

Break Your Chains & Unlock Your Full Potential …

It Begins With A Simple Step – Change your Mindset! Those Who Rise Above Challenges and Achieve Success Think Differently Than Others. This Book Will Provide You With Motivation and Simple Tools to Change Your Mindset!

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