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5 Things You Can Do In Times of Crisis and Challenge

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5 Things You Can Do In Times of Crisis and Challenge


My name is Blake Shelley, and I am an author, speaker, and an expert at overcoming challenges. I also happen to have a disability called cerebral palsy. As you might know, I have been in the process of re-launching this blog, as well as my YouTube channel, and this is not the post I had planned to kick it off. However, I feel like this is so important during this unprecedented time. 

Before we get started I wanted to add this disclaimer that I am not a medical expert and I will not be trying to explain what is going on with the virus, rather steps that we can take to keep our mindset positive and put ourselves on a trajectory where we can bounce back and overcome the unique challenges we are facing.

So, without any further ado, here are my 5 tips of things we can be doing right now in this time of crisis.

1. Do Not Panic

Number one, it is so important for us not to panic. You know, there is so much fear of the unknown right now and we just want to act. We want to hoard all of the goods in our grocery store and prepare for Armageddon. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t prepare, but what I’m proposing is, isn’t our fear of the unknown is the greatest perpetuator of our barriers? What I mean by that is, the actions that we take out of fear can sometimes cause us to create more problems for ourselves and for other people, and they can actually hinder our ability to plan for the future. So please do not panic remain calm create a plan and stay level headed.

2. Listen to the Experts

The second thing that we can do is listen to our experts. When I speak or I coach with people, I always advise them to find a mentor or an expert farther along than they are, that they can learn from that they can get adequate information and guidance from. It is no different in this situation because we’re in uncharted territory. It is so vital that we get our information from reputable sources such as the CDC and the World health organization.

Here are links to their websites:

3. Take Time to Reflect 

My third tip is to take time to reflect. I have overcome many challenges in my life, including learning how to walk, moving to a four-year college and living away from home, starting my own business and before I could do all that, I had to take a minute and look at how far I come. Where I started. What lessons did I learn?  Why is this challenge affecting me? I believe that during this time, or really any type of crisis or challenge, we need to look at why is it affecting me? How is this affecting me? What can I learn from previous experiences to help me plan for this next phase or this new normal or temporary normal?

4. Make a Plan 

That brings me to my fourth tip, and this goes in tandem with tip number three of reflection. Four is to make a plan. What is your plan to overcome this challenge? Is it stay working from home? If you are an entrepreneur like me, is it working on that course or that book that you want to release when this all blows over?  What is your plan to do now to help you get through this time of crisis? Maybe it’s “hey, my plan is to stay home and have some quality time with my family over the next couple of weeks.” That’s great too. Maybe it’s “hey I need to have an emergency kit for when and if a crisis like this happens again.” That’s great, but use the plan, this time to reflect and create a plan.

5. Execute Your Plan

And then number five is, execute. Do something! If you’re going to be stuck at home for the foreseeable future don’t just sit on the couch and watch CNN or whatever news channel you follow all day. Use this time to better yourself, to better your community, to put you in a better position for when this is all over. For me, I am working on finishing my 4th book and recording videos for this YouTube channel. You can also use this time to learn something new. There are platforms like Skillshare, that has video courses that you can learn a new skill or how to bring your skills to the next level. I just signed up for a 2-month free trial and it has been great so far.

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Those are my 5 tips. Let me throw this out to you. What your tips to get through this time and what are you working on to get through this crisis? Leave me a comment down below the video. I would love to know!

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If you’re looking for something to help you give you a mindset boost in the morning, I put together a checklist that you can get via the link below. I really think it will help you start your day right, especially when each day is bringing more bad news. It is really important to start your day with a positive mindset, so get that checklist here.

Please know that I am praying for you and everyone that is affected in this time of uncertainty.

Until next time…

Stay safe!


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Breaking Chains – Episode 04 – Allan Wich

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Breaking Chains Podcast – Episode #3 – Allan Wich on Vimeo.

Blake interviews Allan Wich who is an author, coach, and co-host of the Think Bold, Be Bold podcast. Please join Blake and Allan as they discuss challenges that they’ve overcome and how they are using those experiences to be relatable in their personal and professional relationships.

Allan is the founder of the Prospecting Mastery Institute, Meridian Coaching, co-author of the book ‘The Change’, author of the book ’10 Pillars of Recruiting Mastery’ and author of the book ‘Leaving An Impression’. Though best known for my team and business development expertise coupled with personal coaching within architecture, real-estate development, start-up and the SOHO communities, he strives to continually be a needle mover within the industry of network marketing because of my desire to help elevate the entire industry and its reputation upon the mindset of the general public as well as traditional business sectors.

Allan assists Entrepreneurs (including MLM Distributors & Direct Sellers) and start-ups to create and position their relevance and relate-ability on the top of their industry. Allan also mentors business owners, ‘needle movers’ and those with a student mindset.

You can contact Allan through these mediums:

Phone: (503) 849-4615

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